Oats, bananas, milk,  some apples and... RUM! During a surf trip in Panama, it appeared to be the perfect start to a fulfilling day. 
This is what Rum for Breakfast stands for: enjoying life, but with a certain sense of awareness that you’re living it. Just like pouring a bit of rum into your healthy breakfast is!

Newest Single of Rum for Breakfast, released on March, 22nd. Videolip created by Nicola Bodratti:


Rum for Breakfast - Start over again

Song I wrote during my travels in Colombia. Recorded with the help of Clyde Marengo and Michael Powell. Its a low, bit of darker song about a once good relationship which seemingly isn't the same anymore.

Rum for Breakfast - let you be

First song I recorded by using Ableton. Gives me lot of joy, all those options to choose from. Song is related to Heidegger and his notion of letting other people living their own lives.